Thursday, February 23, 2012

Suzannah B. Troy as Christine Quinn with NYPD! Protest Christine Quinn John Sexton NYU Rudin!!!!

Great photo by activist Louis Flores and he made the photo and text I blew up and laminated of Christine Quinn sucking face with Bill Rudin who gave her enormous kick backs aka campaign donations to smooth they way for no trauma level 1 full service hospital in the West Village but Rudin Luxury Condos and the vile Amanda the People's Burden -- worst commissioner of City Planning ever pushed the the deal refusing to give St. Vincent's zoning protect for a hospital.

I am wiped out -- very little sleep and for some reason I got very, very very excited and passionate. 

Thanks to Louis for the photo and what a great turn out.  I hugged and kiss people that told me I said what they wanted to say.

It does not not get better than that!!!!!