Friday, February 10, 2012

Fraud and Liar Christine Quinn on NYPD Stop and Frisk

In response to The Wall Street Journal fluff pr piece for Quinn.
Christine Quinn is a fraud and a liar. In this YouTube parody I mock Quinn comparing herself to Dr. Martin Luther King. The NYPD are no 1 on ambitious politicians hit list but solving the problems of zero respect for human life and community resulting in shocking and disturbing violence and abuses as well as why rapes are up and under reported not appealing to ambitious pols. Quinn burdens tax payers with her and her staff's high priced defense attorneys that specialize in White Collar crime. Why do they need these lawyers and why did Quinn brush aside Tish James 2 investigations in to CityTime and discourage a third. Christine Quinn plays good cop bad cop with Bloomberg but remains a fraud and liar who will say anything to get elected so Mike can have a 4th and 5th term from the golf course.