Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Feds US Attorney Cy Vance Blind Eye to Christine Quinn Funding Crooks Slush Money aka Tax Payer to steal Mayor

Christine Quinn oiling the corrupt political machine to win mayorship any which way she can like she did with term limits using slush aka tax payer money and intimidation on behalf of Mike Bloomberg which is why I dubbed her Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Bloomberg Quinn Rudin Scott Stringer Christmas No Hospital W. Village   Louis Flores with other community activists and Occupy Wall Street Health Care folks protesting outside St. Vincent’s -- New Yorkers left out in the cold.

Suzannah Troy Naked Politics Christine Quinn Sell-out Mayor Never!

Christine Quinn is a sell-out.   Mayor Never!!!!!!!!!!!!!!   I slam Quinn, Scott Stringer black-hole sell-out and Rudins for no hospital but instead luxury condos on my shopping bag art -- shopping bags that can’t hold anything.   Under Quinn it says “slush fund abuse”.

The ways the American People and New Yorkers have been failed by politicians and or robbed and sold-out is staggering.  The amount of money that those “allegedly” have made serving the People staggering -- often after they leave office -- just a coincidence.

Latke alert -- maybe it is cold weather or stress but I can’t get enough latkes, cheese and chocolate.  
I am putting on the poundage but extra poundage looks way better on women than men.

Friday, December 16, 2011

Christine Quinn Strategy To Lie re: Hospital Animated Political Art Ms. Garbage Entrance Wants to be Mayor!

Christine Quinn Visits Lenox Hill First Aid Clinic
by: maslowsneeds

Creative and imaginary enactment of the first day of the new first aid clinic that Bill Rudin is opening in the West Village to replace the Level 1 Trauma Center and full-service hospital that used to be at St. Vincent's.

Christine Quinn continues to Go in Back Door Trash exits to avoid protestors

what a coward but the rich greedy stupid people backing her want a coward puppet not an actual person who can walk through a front door.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Christine Quinn 1 Step Closer to Being Knocked Out Mayor 2013

Stringer and Thompson need to drop out. Thompson allowed NY Pensions to be raided and both Thompson and Quinn let deposed king Bloomberg push SAIC like a drug king pin -- covered up by the press more than reported -- largest white collar crimes ever and Thompson comptroller. Too bad Liu in trouble because he did historic shut down of corruption with SAIC CityTime and ECTP.

 I know the anger directed at Christine Quinn is far greater than Bloomberg 2 years before the election and the West Village hates Quinn and Stringer for selling out to Rudin and not fighting for a full service hospital.

 My concern is silly people voting for a clown that can't win. If people had listened and taken action as directed and not split the votes with clown candidates Bloomberg's scandal ridden 3rd term -- worse than Ed Koch's would not have been.

Occupy Wall Street Sold Out by Christine Quinn

Christin Quinn Should serve a term in Jail

We have to defeat Christine Quinn, Mike Bloomberg’s mini-me so the only way to do so is to have all candidates that can’t win drop out and Bill Thompson as well since he allowed CityTime to flourish and the NY Pensions to be raided. Quinn should serve a term in jail for her corrupt dealings NYC gov.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Christine Quinn Forget Organized Crime go in to Government or Private Sector They Never Go To Jail!!!!!

NY Post Calls Quinn a Lady (Lie!) and Homeless People Tramps Shameful!

Whom ever does NY Post headers either had turrets or mental illness...
Quinn no lady and homeless People are not tramps.

Parody number three -- I dress up in drag as Christine Quinn and I tell you how I abuse the homeless -- starting with the group “Picture the Homeless” who Quinn attempted to ban from City Hall meetings and how she blocked intro 48 Parody 3 -- Christine Quinn big fat liar -- I don’t care how much weight she loses.

Quinn and Bloomberg play good cop bad cop but it is smoke mirrors and lies -- the goal to get Mike’s mini-me in office to protect  wall street, real estate, etc.  greed and stupidity at the expense of the People of NYC.

Stop the madness vote Quinn out -- make her pay her own legal bills!!!!!!!!   Her bills are 6 figures...she thinks tax payers Goldman Sachs!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Christine Quinn as Delusional as Mike Bloomberg 03:14 PM Dec 7, 2011 Excellent reporting. 
Dollar Bill Dan Doctoroff Amanda People's Burden with Bloomberg Quinn Pat Harris Wolfson serve a term in jail. 


 KingJay 08:42 AM Dec 7, 2011 Yojimko, lets not forget about 800 Million for "City Time", Hundereds of Millions MORE for the parking garages that sit empty at Yankee Stadium (Not to mention the parks and ballfields that were torn down and not replaced, and there is always Cathie Black and the rest of his "consultant" buddies. I am STILL waiting for a recall election to happen. I live on LI, but if I were in NYC I would sue Bloomberg for his blatant corruption. And If Quinn thinks she will be Mayor, she is (nearly) as delusional as he is. 

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christine Quinn Kissy Face Bill Rudin Sell-out The People of NYC

St. Vincent’s closed and the West Village and all activists City Wide + Occupy Wall Street outraged -- we need a hospital and this is a few blocks from this Pizza place but not news -- or rather blacked out by the Editors of the NY Post and “reporters”” like Bill Sanderson.  How do these guys live with themselves?   No wonder they have front page covers comparing the Dow to Sex workers underpants.....hmmmm They NY Post refused to cover 2 protests and OWS joined us   Rupert Murdoch’s best friend forever Howard Rubenstein’s clients are the “kind” Rudin famliy who are building luxury condos were St. Vincent’s was.  Bill Rudin and his daughter do not understand why the public do not perceive them as Mother Teresa.  Bill Rudin’s Dad the man who made the fortune would ever have done this.  Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor is Rudin’s sell-out or pick another word.

Google Murdoch Rubenstein Mike Bloomberg Bill Rudin Glenn Hutchins and than look at NYC biz deals -- no wonder they want corrupt sell-out Christine Quinn to be their puppet and she is happy to do it -- she has been sued 4 times for back rent -- now she is playing kissy face with Bill Rudin.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Christine Quinn Sell-Out Chew on This!!!!!! Parody part 1 and 2

and this

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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Christine Quinn F- Grade from Small Businesses Quinn got F- Quinn and Thompson let tax payers be raped and robbed CityTime. We have forced Bloomberg to demand tax payer money back so Mike asked SAIC for 600 million and I want a billion! Scott Stringer and Christine Quinn sold out to Bill Rudin and agree luxury condos in St Vincent's more important than a full service hospital.