Saturday, December 18, 2010

May 27, 2010 Suzannah B. Troy calls for an Investigation of CityTime rather than a renewal - hit rewind button on this YouTube!

I created a YouTube Channel Bloomberg NO CityTime and I also have a 2 playlists on my YouTube channel Suzannahartist including a new series on the mega-theivery now just beginning to come to light under Mike Bloomberg - 80 million dollar theft CityTime and from my very first YouTube on SAIC which you see above to my latest you can find Joel Bondy's name in the tags and phrases like "conflict of interest".

There is no doubt in my mind and many others I have spoken to that there was a lot more is a no brainer considering the massive overages of tax payer money which is why I named CityTime the Tax Payer's Titanic.

Spherion, SAIC and other consultants cost us a fortune and it is hard to believe that just a few consultants robbed just 80 million dollars considering this scam was on it's way to hit the billion dollar mark.  What is amazing is it too this long for people to get busted but if there is a good forensic audit there should be more arrests.

Too bad money doesn't come with a GPS system and I said that about the 109 million Mike Bloomberg spent on the election "on the books".

Below look at the date of this iReport from CNN and there you see the first SAIC consultant accused of blatantly stealing.  This was not something that slipped through the cracks but in your face robbery that people just could not get investigated until now.

p.s.  I am very, very tired...

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Mike Bloomberg wants to vacation in outer space! When can he leave? Can he take his mini-me and campaign staff w/him - one way tickets?by Suzannah B. Troy

Maybe there is some colony of protozoa that want to be ruled by a group of corrupt politicos posing as human beings.  I say this because they put every greedy ruthless developer, financial player with the conscious of a serial killer before the people of NYC.  To say Mike Bloomberg is the real estate mayor aiding and abetting NYU, Columbia U. and Cooper Union in abusing eminent domain or air sales or any kind of shady land grab horizontal or vertical all fueled by greed and ruthlessness is an understatement and ditto for Brooklyn and Willets point in Queens.  Like Mike go to Mars and try the same thing!

Bloomberg mind set -- thinking he is king of NYC and the nanny little emperor as well is proof he would be returning home. Is the NY Post ever going to do a piece on why Cy Vance and John Haggerty's defense attorneys never served Mike Bloomberg with a subpoena for those 62 emails the NYPost originally asked for and how oops Mike also broke campaign laws? Can we have deputy mayor Patricia Harris swear under oath about the hours she works for NYC gov vs. Mike's charity with the understanding perjury carries jail time? Mike should be drug tested if he thinks he is the greatest mayor.

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