Thursday, March 29, 2012

Christine Quinn Protest: Isaac Mizrahi Doesn't Need A Full Service Hospital

Dear all:

Thank you for participating in the protest on Wednesday night. With our large numbers, our chants and the colorful posters, we’re a sight to behold for people who aren’t accustomed to seeing protests in that neighborhood.   I think we made a good impression, and w
e distributed hundreds of handouts.  I posted the photos below on FB, if you want to share them from my page or comment on the protest or on Quinn.
As usual, we had a several people thank us and agree that Quinn must be voted out of office, and we had several people ask us, "Who's Quinn?"  
A group of gay celebrities is hosting a fundraiser for Quinn’s campaign next Thursday (April 5th) at the Standard Hotel. I did a site check, and it’s a great venue for a protest. Everyone entering the event will see us. Stay tuned for an announcement. After that, I don’t have anything planned until May 6th, but I suspect something will come up.

Thanks again for coming out!


Next Thursday, April 5th, several celebrities are co-hosting a campaign fundraiser for Quinn at the Boom Boom Room in Standard Hotel in the "Meatpacking" district.  Among the hosts are Isaac Mizrahi, Tim Gunn, Andy Cohen and Thom Filiicia. Like many of her LGBT supporters, these celebrities probably know very little about her actual record.    

This event provides us with a great forum to educate some of her unwitting supporters, many of whom will wonder what Quinn has done to send people into the streets protesting against her. 

Please let me know if you can make it by sending me an email 

When: Thursday, April 5th, 6:00 p.m. - 7:30 p.m. 
Where: The Boom Boom Room in the Standard Hotel.  The entrance is directly under the High Line at 13th St between Washington St and the West Side Highway

On another note, we had a great protest in front of the 92nd St Y on Wednesday night.  We distributed hundreds of handouts not only the the people attending the event but also to the neighborhood locals. 

Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Christine Quinn Occupy Wall St. Quinn Taking Money Hand Over Fist Wall Street!!!!!!!

As the NY Media blacks out the largest corruption mega-theft and fraud city hall they spew Orwellian type lies and again I urge you to not believe the media and show up and vote in the primary -- vote Quinn out!

Christine Quinn Occupy Wall St. Quinn Taking Money Hand Over Fist Wall Street!!!!!!!

NY Post article laughable!

Christine Quinn is taking money hand over fist from Wall Street.  She has her "community division" with tony simone of goldman sachs....he says F you to community members from her district like Donny Moss and sure hope he doesn't do that and fund raising on NYC gov time because that would be breaking campaign laws.  Chrisitne Quinn had nothing to say about the wrong mass arrests of OWS on Brooklyn Bridge because she enjoys being above the law like Mike Bloomberg -- both guilty of pushing through an illegal third term, abusing slush money and Cy Vance and US Attorney turn a blind eye!  They pushed through a third term selling a lie we needed Mike to help us with the economy.  Mike is now worth 22 Billion dollars and Quinn and her gal pals have grown richer.  Nice work if you can get it and all lies.  True criminals.

Irony:  The NYPD do the bidding of the 1 percent but if the 1 percent ever get this wish to turn this island of Manhattan in to the island of 1 percenters and their puppets with working class commuting in -- the "service class" the NYPD would die of boredom and miss all trouble makers big time.

I wrote a short story fictional sketch Blooders about these rich arrogant NY a-holes keeping people as slaves for their blood believe or not.

Posted a much longer comment part 2 NY Post.

More proof Goldman Sachs her community outreach and rumor has it they have offices in 250 Broadway -- where Christine Quinn locked out her community West Village Chelsea from testifying before City Council they demand a hospital.

Where was Quinn that morning and tony simone?  No where to be seen.

I confront her coming out the back door ps 41 because she is too much of a coward to face protestors that want to know why she takes kick backs from Rudin and won't fight for protective zoning for St. Vincent's buildings for a hospital only.

I catch her as usual -- the back door by the garbage dumpsters scurrying to avoid her critics.

Norman Siegel wants an investigation in to why the People were locked out in the freezing cold 250 Broadway -- where were the city council members -- when one senior handicap member got in 3 hours later but there were only 2 of 52 city council representatives.

I have handed Quinn a list of demands at City Hall with Norman Siegel at my side and in it demands an investigation in to why an ambulance took 30 minutes for a 75 year old man that passed out in the freezing cold.  Quinn's staff member to afraid to give me his biz card -- tall grey haired man said he called th 1st -- he did not give me the name of who he spoke to at the 1st and no 911 call happened.

I have the name of the NYPD officer that called 911 and followed up with him plus Dr. David Kaufman who made 7 calls and timed the ambulance as well as Nurse Dunn who with Kaufman attended to the man but in Quinn's mind it never happened.

250 Broadway security were evil as hell and refused my demand to allow the elderly and most fragile people in immediately out of the bitter cold.

Irony--- I was dressed in Quinn drag mocking her corrupt dealings with Rudin, John Sexton NYU, Emily Giske, term limits slush abuse etc but Quinn and Tony Simone were no were to be seen and clearly they have a relationship with 250 Broadway security who refused the most frail the warmth of shelter inside the building.  

Some future mayor she would make.

Saturday, March 24, 2012

Google Censorship for Bloomberg and Quinn Throw in Howard Rubenstein?

I can't make this up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Is this a like my YouTube channel being removed -- all 343  YouTubes at the time just before the mayoral election that I and only I happened to point out  do not believe the media Mike Bloomberg may not win do to voter anger.   Look at the date and I called it right on.  Quinn is in deep crap -- she has a fortune invested in her winning by rich greedy stupid folks and she may not win for the same reason.

Note:  The threat of removing my work came on


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Christine Quinn Rudin St. Vincent's Luxury Condo Community Testimony + Ambulance Scandal

Christine Quinn we are waiting for you to get back to us on the issues I handed to you at our City Hall meeting.

We have more than enough proof the ambulance took a half hour to show up and 250 Broadway across from City Hall and how about an investigation in to why your very own district -- The Village and Chelsea were locked out of testifying in front of City Council?

Thursday, March 22, 2012

The New York Times Sells Kindergarden Christine Quinn Mayor as She Endangers Children Christine Quinn ms kick backs got plenty from Rudin to push through Rudin Hospital luxury condo conversion - Rudin penny on the dollars and looking for tax right offs like a faux hospital - a Duane Reade on steroids with 2 beds and another big tax deduction -- a school courtesy of greedy community crusher Rudin -- but Christine Quinn and Rudin endanger all those children with no hospital beds and lack of Trauma Level 1 Hospital. Bloomberg Quinn -- how do u push population growth and prevent zoning protection for a hospital only. Quinn has put her most fragile members of her district in jeopardy because she put greed first.

Why no prosecution St Vincent crooks - perhaps Bloomberg Rudim Quinn worry about drawing attention to Rudin's acquisition.

Shame on The NY Times - 2 articles on Chris Quinn and kindergarten when she has allowed the children of the West Village's lives in jeopardy.

Wednesday, March 21, 2012

CityTime ECTP Hold Your Nose Stinks in the Billions Tax Payer Abuse and Cover-ups

Juan Gonzalez has an article today inspired by this new Press Release!
Guess what ECTP- 911 Tech System another Tax Payer's Titanic for the NYC tax payers who are being robbed in what must be the billions with ECTP and CityTime alone not to mention all the other failed or flawed corrupt contracts mostly tech under king bloomberg where he outsourced to crooks?

Look at John Liu's press releases on tech contracts -- google John Liu CityTime 2 and you get a hint of the problem because he understates but if you want a good laugh and more on what is not reported including by Juan read this


We paid Garter how much to tell us about the FDNY and NYPD when they are not the problem with the 911 tech system but corruption directly involving the billing is and want another laugh just like CityTime look to the lobbyists --- by the way CityTime how is Sal Salmone doing and all of Rudy's boys lobbyists SAIC and another Rudy aluminst TechnoDyne and Northrup Grumman ECTP....ho all the exclusives.   Anybody going to report Gerard Denault sued SAIC and um I think he um won and SAIC has to pay his legal bills and all the SAIC shareholders suing SAIC over um err CityTime!  SAIC shareholders are holding SAIC top officials accountable which is more than we are doing and how about NYC gov officials -- all exclusives on my blog for how long?

Old press release ECTP dubbed CityTime 2.

I dubbed NYCAPS CityTime 3.

Please can I still a thousand dollars from you?  You would be really angry and call the NYPD on me yes?
But New Yorker don't seem to care and at City Hall most city council members not all are below average representing the People but excellent at exploiting and abusing their positions -- they are joke and all they can do is blame the NYPD for everything while the enable the largest White Collar Crimes under Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.  John Liu is the only person to attempt to shut this down at City Hall. 
Tish James gets a gold star for CityTime.

Explain how City Council approved 14 million dollars more to Raytheon a defense contractor -- wasn't 500  million dollars enough for the FDNY Wireless system.

What up New Yorkers.

I know we have very little hope because we don't have leaders that are smart and hard working just crafty to do what is best for themselves and deflect their lack of hard work by going on and on about the NYPD any chance so cover-up.    We have the most corrupt representation with a few exceptions ever in NYC gov with Bloomberg and Christine Quinn their teams and how many city council members that can't get a 6 figure job any where else and do as little as possible for the community but the most possible for themselves  -- look to Christine Quinn and her very own district where there is no hospital -- no Trauma Level 1 hospital as she and Bill Rudin -- the developer she sold her community out to brag about bringing in a new school for kids.....great push luxury condo and more adults and kids who mystically and magically do not need a hospital?  Christine Quinn and Bill Rudin -- you don't get much greedier and stupid than them except for Mike Bloomberg and his commissioner of City Planning Amanda Burden.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

NY Post Elle Mag Sell Christine Quinn Svelte - Take a Closer Look!

Notice Christine Quinn's head is down.   See the HUGE man behind her.  There is nothing I could say to get that guy to drop his head.   I caught Christine Quinn trying to sneak out rather than face angry members of her district that demand a hospital.     See the video!!!

That guy behind her is like the Hulk and his chest HUGE!!!!!!!!!!  I can't tell you how relieved I was that he did not act aggressively towards me but stayed a respectful distance from me.  He made an impression on me.

She could not walk out the front door of PS 41 and face members of her own district she locked out of testifying in front of City Council that they demand a hospital.  

The photo you won't see air brushed to make her look svelte and made-over dressed like Diana Taylor Bloomberg's beard.

Wayne what is your last name?  When I asked Wayne his last name -- at City Hall he refused to tell me.
Why?  Check out the Village Voice article -- no wonder and look at his salary!

Thursday, March 15, 2012

Mayor Mike Bloomberg Resigns Over CityTime Gerald Shargel an Offer!

To know that Mike Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn stood near Preet as he announced CityTime rip-off because 500 million is too low a figure and Bloomberg and Rose Gill Hearn praised CityTime and she allowed Mike to push SAIC like heroin -- that should be a Saturday Night Live skit but they are too cowardly so here I go.    Reminder Rose Gill Hearn the Cathie Black of Dept. of Investigation, Mike Bloomberg arm aka puppet.

This YouTube is processing but in a few minutes you can see me in my newest Mike Bloomberg Christine Quinn drag impersonations as they both resign for being such corrupt crooks and than I make Gerald Shargel an offer he will find hard to resist.  I ask him to call Mike bloomberg, Pat Harris, her husband and step-son, Mark Page and Christine Quinn to the witness stand!

See the text portion of this YouTube for lots of links including to share holders and you want to see Westlane Police and Fire lawsuit against SAIC filed here in NY.

Gerald Shargel -- I have very few Mayor Bloomberg King of NY posters left but if you call Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Patricia Harris, her son, her husband and ask him about SAIC and the MTA deal and Christine Quinn I will give you a poster! Mike Bloomberg from term limits to perjury Haggerty trial to CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, NYCWiNs, Seedco, countless board of ed deals....RESIGN..... Me in drag as bloomberg resigning like Nixon multiwatergates and can you believe that macho het male Bloomberg oggled women's breasts at city hall and called t//s. If he did that to me at city hall I would break him of that habit on the spot and his 6 foot 5 NYPD body guards and his army of NYPD wouldn't dare stop me.

CityTime SAIC Mike Bloomberg Rudy and pals.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

Christine Quinn Confronted PS 41 Sneaking out Back Door by Dumpster

Pay attention:  I give her hell and she gives me her telephone number and agrees to meet with me and famed Civil Rights Lawyer Norman Siegel.

I am shouting because Christine Quinn silenced 200 voices mostly of her very own district  that wanted to testify before  City Council that they want a full service trauma level 1 hospital!

Christine Quinn isn't calling for an investigation of why her own district was locked her -- harder har and she isn't calling for an investigation as to why an ambulance took 35 minutes to respond for a 75 year old man that fainted.

I take her own about term limits and Bloomberg and 
I ask her about Emily Giske and if Mark Guma gets to call in favors Cy Vance.
It is laughable when you here Quinn talk about democracy when she and Bloomberg trying to run this city like Putin -- Partnership for NY aka Oligarchs of NYC!

When we protest we always get Christine Quinn trying to escape in or out a back door to avoid her critics!

You can see Christine Quinn is with her NYPD and one NYPD gentleman is HUGE but he never blocks me or intimidates me!

Friday, March 9, 2012

Christine Quinn Laughs At Community Members Demanding a Hospital in her District! Question NYPD Quinn detail photograohing Protestors?

Folks: I do not know if the man in the suit is part of Christine Quinn's private NYPD detail but I email emailing Commissioner Kelly to enquire and point out Civil Rights have concerns re: why the NYPD are photographing people and what are they doing with photos. You can the activists are not threatening and small in number so is this some kind of intimidation Christine Quinn and is she again using her "private NYPD" against her own community? Please note: The activists did not block the sidewalk but the NYPD did. These activists stood in the freezing cold to testify we need a hospital.
 This is video of this morning's protest against Quinn : I got very very close :

Are these  NYPD plain clothes  officers part of Christine Quinn's private detail.
The man on the left with his arms crossed used his smart phone to take photos.
Was this meant to be a form of intimidation on behalf of Christine Quinn?
I alert activist next time to respectful walk up to the plain clothes police and ask to see their badge numbers and get their names.

The man on the left used his smart phone to photograph non threatening protestors?

Ask these NYPD officers (if they are and I believe they are)   how threatening our theses protestors or is the only threat that they are voting against Christine Quinn in the primary?

Again a major concern is Quinn using NYPD intimidation and this is in Chelsea her own district where we are questioning is she using NYPD against her own community.
Quinn had seniors on line in the freezing cold many handicapped at 250 Broadway and the NYPD were well behaved and used not intimidation but the private security for 250 Broadway refused my demand to get the most fragile seniors inside in to the warmth as it was freezing Tuesday morning so a 75 year old man passed out and the good NYPD good an ambulance for us.  It took 35 minutes for the ambulance to show up and that was across from City Hall.

Christine Quinn is a coward who can't face her own constituents and uses garbage entrances rather than walk past protestors.   She also will use her private NYPD security to intimidate peaceful protestors demanding a hospital for the community which by the way the NYPD needs desperately as well because their job is so dangerous.