Sunday, January 30, 2011

Corrupt Christine Quinn protested yet again

On Saturday morning (1/29), a dozen NYers held a protest against Christine Quinn at an entrepreneurs conference in downtown Manhattan.   We were there to inform attendees that their keynote speaker has been exposed on multiple occasions for budget and campaign corruption. Here's an article that concisely explains one of her scandals that is still being investigated by the U.S. Attorney's Office:

Monday, January 17, 2011

NY Post Christine Quinn's priority - the bottle of hair color to dye her hair!

I posted this comment!

Picture the Homeless was banned by Christine Quinn from attending city council meetings until famed Civil Rights lawyer Norman Siegel contacted her office. He was directed to her legal council and they apologized. You can't ban a group of people but clearly dying her hair all these years has taken it's toll. Quinn has blocked Intro 48 which is a bill to have a count of how many empty lots and buildings there are in NYC and you could understand homeless groups want to know but as The NY Post points out Christine Quinn has her priorities and dying her hair as well as catering rich New Yorkers eager to donate $ to her mayoral run are her top 2 priorities. How can she face NYers when she refuses to help us to get a hospital to replace St. Vincent's. A gay man was attacked in the W. Village 2 blocks from St. Vincent's. Rushing him there saved his life as he was put in a coma to help his brain to heal. Thanks to politicos like Quinn we bail out banks but not hospitals. Quinn needs to quit a job serving the people and focus on coloring her hair.

Please can we have an App for our Iphone that gives us the latest toll on how much her high priced defense attorney is costing us as exposed by The NY Post. Who in NYC gov okayed using Sullivan & Cromwell, a firm that specializes in White Collar crime used by Goldman Sachs for Quinn's staff?

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Sunday, January 2, 2011

The NY Post, David Seifman finally asks what I asked from this blog and YouTubeland -- Where was Mike during Bloomberg's Blizzard 2010? by Suzannah B. Troy

East Village  Sunday today... Plow Dance

The NY Post has some Sanititation workers drinking not plowing....
FYI -- I do believe some corrupt dealings will be exposed and Bloomberg's Blizzard is a disaster but reminder -- there were good hard working sanitation dept. workers out there.

Finally someone other than me writes about where was Bloomberg during the Blizzard.

I jokingly asked if he was in Bermuda.  He could have been for his non-presence and lack of caring.

Just a reminder to learn more about the other massive scandals that most New Yorkers don't seem to know or care about.

p.s.  Amazing how Mike gets Time Square cleaned and snow free to party on  while we have New Yorkers from babies to seniors dying in Bloomberg's Blizzard in which the mayor and his deputy Goldsmith are praising the sanitation dept.  and streets were still not cleaned and subways lines not running for days....truly scary.  Drug test Mike Bloomberg...denial is the new crack cocaine.

p.p.s In case I get banned from commenting on The NY Post's website yet again....
Bloomberg was in Bermuda!  I am joking but for his lack of presence he might have in Bermuda!  If only the people of New York were as angry with Mike Bloomberg about so many other corrupt mis-deeds besides Bloomberg's Blizzard of 2010.  How many people died in the reckless tsunami of community crushing development and on old NY's infrastructure? David, your paper asked for 62 emails Mike Bloomberg sent to Haggerty.  Why isn't Cy Vance asking? Mike refused to turn them over to you. Are his emails like Rattner's Cayman Island dealings for Mike's charity - subpoena proof? Christine Quinn sold the great lie we needed Mike for a 3rd term to help us w/ the economy. Quinn-Bloomberg only helped their pals. Look up Christine Quinn's list of campaign donors. Anyone paying attention to Mike standing by Steve Rattner who payed to play NY State Pensions and than paid not to go to jail or to plead guilty? Rattner was very lucky Cuomo dropped perjury charges.  NYers please get mad about this and CityTime. Stay tuned for CityTime SAIC and Spherion and Rudy-Mike's need to hire SAIC and why? 

Heads-up for those who haven't read my long piece from this AM.  Rudy started it with Maximus and than CityTime using SAIC and Mike took it to a whole other level -- of hand washing and White House aspirations....You have to read my piece but pre-Rudy's ambitions AutoTime worked just fine, could have been expanded and was owned by the City of NY, created by City of New York workers.  I don't  know if Bloomberg was the guy that brokered the deal to sell CityTime on behalf of SAIC to other gov. agencies once it was up so the city of NY would get a kick back or % percentage of the sale as told to me by a little birdie -- but it could have been done selling AutoTime minus SAIC that is a global operation that handles spying, military, media, computer operating systems etc.   

Rudy left the City Hall and made 31 million dollars and Mike wanted to make the White House and bring along all his good friends including the campaign staff we pay 2 million to advise Mike at City Hall-- all about corruption, hand washing, pay to play, kick backs with an eye on The White House in my opinion.  Nice New Yorkers are finally angry-- the snow is melting and there is a lot more to be angry about.

Stay tuned for CityTime and SAIC -- Spherion role and the close to 700 million over rides approved by Mike Bloomberg and gang.

By the way -- CityTime is not handling over time Blizzard 2010 well at all -- I hear....