Friday, February 24, 2012

Christine Quinn Treatment of Picture the Homeless Pure Abuse! + Christine Quinn Sold Out Blog NYU Expansion

Quinn has a history of abuse of homeless. Google Christine Quinn picture the homeless. She banned the homeless group from attending City Council meeting until Norman Siegel gave her lawyers an education on the 1st amendment. She is a two faced liar playing good cop bad cop with Mike. I made 3 short tubes on her at NYU protest last night. See the one with my big posterior and Emily Giskie Bill Rudin and Bloomberg written on it back room deals pay to play! Serve a term in jail!!!! This mentions she is Bloomberg, NYU and Emily Giskie's puppet -- read the blog post Christine Quinn Emily Giskie finger licking good how Giskie lobbyist for biz like Kentucky Fried Chicken and Quinn's stance on paid sick days, etc. I have two more YouTubes -- one stating she does not even visit her own district in bed with John Sexton NYU Pres. who ran down and testified Mike must have a third term (to push through community crushing development!) and he other pointing out no hospital in her district because she is taking sooo much money from Bill Rudin family and pals. She is such a fake and a poser. I wear a neon red wig like a wake-up call.

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Christine Quinn wants to continue Rudy and Mike's work to help NYU make the as many New Yorkers homeless and continue to push out the People for temporary living for college kids as well as weigh way to heavy on old NY's infrastructure with zone busting with NYU junior Cooper Union.


Here are the photos from Donny Moss and also Louis Flores post both LGBT activists against Christine Quinn!
Thanks for participating in the protest last night. Louis Flores posted a great blog about it, which I posted to my Facebook wall. If you want to spread the word about the protest, then please feel free to link to it from one of our walls or paste this link directly onto yours or link to the photos on my wall:

Here is the text that I used on my wall to describe the event:
As hundreds of people stood in line to enter a community board meeting in the Village last night, 15 volunteers working on the campaign against Christine Quinn had the opportunity to engage with civic-minded NYers. For better or worse, we were preaching to the converted. Average NYers who pay attention to city politics told us that they share our views and encouraged us to keep up the fight. In a matter of minutes, we distributed hundreds of handouts, with people asking us if they could have extras to give to their friends.