Friday, June 29, 2012

Christine Quinn Has A Lot To Hide Visiting Mike Bloomberg’s compound Bermuda?

Christine Quinn Illegally Uses the NYPD to Block LGBT Protestors from Photographing

One NYPD officer aggressively grabs Louis Flores arm and it was wrong, plain abuse of power but clearly that is what Christine Quinn is all about,

That is why we don’t have a hospital in the West Village and St. Vincent’s is being made over in to luxury condos instead of protective zoning for a hospital only.

There are two videos on the WSJ article -- check them out.

Note:  I would post a comment but the WSJ journal has me blocked just like the abusive actions by the NYPD on behalf of Christine Quinn corrupt wannabe mayor.   She sold the lie we needed Mike Bloomberg for a third term to help us with the economy.  It is obvious who to help.

Thursday, June 14, 2012

Rudin Family Dept of Building More Free Passes NYC Gov

NYC is my Community -- I borrowed from the NYPD’s ad campaign and made my own. People from all over NYC reach out to me because I am not like NYC gov and in a coma. I take action -- the best that I can with no office and support. I don’t own a desk and I do a lot of work from my phone. I get huge complaints about Dept. of Building all over NYC and besides Mike Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg green lighting zone busting, way too rapid construction to be safe, death toll and injuries -- a major complaint is how DOB is green lighting greedy developers gobbling up side walks. I have also gotten complaints of Rudin Construction workers posting signs that I am told should be Dept of Building workers!  

In addition to loosing the communities hospital the neighborhood in how battling for walking space and parking spaces caused by the installation of barriers that now surround Camp Rudin Family (Greed-- One might expect the installation of these fences if in fact the area behind them was being utilized for construction.  It largely is not...
Photo  #
2011-      West 12 Street - looking West Bound toward 7th Avenue South
2014 -     No-Parking Construction Sign located on West 12 Street
2015-     West 12 Street - looking West Bound toward 7th Avenue South

As yet unutilized area for construction but the community has lost the parking spots.
Photo #
2067 West 11 Street  looking east towards 6th Avenue (sidewalk view)
2083 West 11 Street looking east towards 6th Avenue (street view)
2105 West 11 Street FDNY Standpipe access gate blocked by dumpster.

One area that is being used in the construction is the sidewalk and street parking lane in front of what was the Cronin Building on West 11 Street.
At the time these photos were taken the space was used to store roll off    dumpsters. See photo 2105 By the way the dumpster located in the photo was placed in front of the access gateway that is there to allow quick access to the standpipe hook up for arriving fire apparatus. The dumpster blocked access by way of the gate.

Note: From Suzannah B. Troy -- I have witnessed two less than kosher actions involving parking -- one a retired NYPD commander ordering an NYPD officer from the 6th Precinct to not ticket an illegally parked Rudin flunkie’s car.

I ordered the NYPD to ticket the car!  He listened to me!  He also lied to me!  I asked him who was that man who ordered you to not ticket that illegally park car?  He lied and told me he was an MD that treated him at St. Vincent’s.  A plus for creative lie on the spot.

The 2nd an outdated or forged NYPD placard with a PBA card for retired NYPD officer parked where it said no parking, no standing and the driver was in the car.  The car I believe was not owned by an NYPD officer.

I can’t make this crap up 

The scandal like Term Limits that all the major newspapers including The NY Times - Carolyn Ryan included are killing to protect corrupt Christine Quinn.  Bad news is no hospital is a will have to be someone that media loves that dies because no Hospital West Village -- no trauma level 1 hospital anymore nothing for the newspapers to report the news or a Terror Attack mass murders and injuries and we don’t have the medical care needed because Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden along with Scott Stringer and City Council refused to give us protective zoning.  Amanda the People’s Burden always does.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Christine Quinn & Staff St. Vincent’s Hospital Rudin District Lock-Out Scandal!

1) Where is the investigation Mike Bloomberg mr. mayor as to why Christine Quinn’s own district was locked out of testifying in front of a city council that mostly could not be bothered to even show up starting with Christine Quinn! The New York Times not interested in reporting this and ..... 

2) Why isn’t Christine Quinn and her chief of staff Chuck Meara calling for an investigation instead of me in to why an ambulance took 30 minutes to arrive 250 Broadway across from City Hall? Quinn and Meara along with all her high paid flunkies were know where to be seen when a huge turn out of voters from her very own district showed up to testify in front of City Council they demand a hospital! do you think that photo has been doctored the way the media has doctored Christine Quinn’s photos and news stories...none of you know she locked out her own district from testifying they demand a hospital in the West Village where ST Vincent’s was and instead she is taking kick backs -- she also refuses to investigate why an ambulance took a half hour to get to a man 75 years old waiting to testifying and past out in the freezing cold. 

The security at 250 Broadway across from City Hall refused to let seniors and the most fragile New Yorkers inside in the warmth -- just Bill Rudin and his paid employees, retired NYPD and construction workers. Christine Quinn’s own staff and Chris never ever showed their faces and this was her own district West Village and chelsea so no wonder her Chief of Staff Chuck Meara though there was no ambulance at all. He said his source at the 1st precinct said no ambulance. Well now his source with the NYPD says the ambulance took less than a half hour. Maybe Quinn’s people should have showed up to know the ambulance did take a half hour. Why doesn’t Quinn want an investigation in to why she locked her own district and doesn’t she want know why they ambulance took a half hour Dr. Kaufman and Nurse Dunn timed the response. 

Hey Carolyn Ryan The New York Times out of town Lesbian brought in to push Christine Quinn as mayor with The NY Times already unofficially endorsing her -- any comment or are you too busy violating my 1st amendment right preventing my comments from being posted and devising more ways to silence voices of opposition the way the media did when Mike Bloomberg and his puppet Mrs. Bloomberg pushed thorough! Hey Wayne -- Enjoyed The village voice article on you -- when I ask you your first and last name at City Hall -- a NYC gov building have the courage to answer the question. What are you afraid of? What are you hiding?

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Mike Bloomberg Sugar War Fizzles Along with Christine Quinn No Hospitals a Killer  Mike declaring a war on sugar -- how about declaring a war on corruption at City Hall?  How about the 911 Tech system called ECTP that Mike Bloomberg, Mark Page, Bill Thompson and Christine Quinn and her puppets allowed to over-run a billion dollars tax payer money and running....CityTime, NYCAPS, NYCWiNS, NICE, FDNY Wireless handing Raytheon 14 million more dollars and oh Diana Taylor said she would resign if the art handlers got a raise at Sotheby’s!  They did so resign you corurpt horrible woman from Sotheby’s and every board including Zuccotti that your corurpt pal Mike got you on.

In my opinion Christine Quinn, Bill Thompson, Scott Stringer, and Bill DeBlasio should never ever  be mayor.   Liu is in trouble and certainly has huge amounts of bad press but he did try and stop the largest white collar crimes EVER in NYC gov history starting with CityTime and ECTP the 911 Tech system.
Why are there no arrests of NYC gov officials and Nixon like resignations starting with Bloomberg, Team Bloomberg and Christine Quinn.   Don’t forget Christine Quinn’s horrifying role in allowing St. Vincent’s hospital to close, she isn’t pressuring Cy Vance to prosecute the St. Vincent’s crooks -- why?
Afraid that Bill Rudin my get unwanted attention re: his acquistion.   Google Christine Quinn unairbrushed and read more huge scandals St. Vincent’s involving Christine Quinn and major cover-ups that no newspaper is willing to report!

Not having a trauma level 1 hospital will kill a lot of people and children faster than drinking sugary drinks.