Thursday, September 15, 2011

Suzannah B. Troy Christine Quinn SlushGate Tank Vote For Quinn if You Want Mike for 4th term! Scroll down until u see Ms. Slush and Intimidation dirty deals with Crowley --- Dirty Quinn won't be mayor because the voters are angry but that doesn't stop her from hiring high priced killers oops campaign people, back room deals etc. ----------- Quinn approved Sullivan and Cromwell same firm Goldman Sachs uses so what is the bill so far for high priced defense attorneys for Christine Quinn and her staff to tax Payers and it is a record? ------------ Why isn't tax payer $ for defense lawyers on nyc gov website and an app for our smart phones?

From True News!

 NYT and DN should write about how both bosses Crowley and Lopez control who gets elected to the courts in their boroughVito Lopez scores a win in Civil Court Judgeship race(Law Journal)

Or why the NYT candidate for mayor Quinn has loaded her City Council staff with Crowley flunkies and loaded his non profits with member item funds. Besides Crowley and Lopez how many non profit political machines does the speaker fund that she intends to use to help her become mayor?  Why does the NYT ignore all the elected officials supported by Crowley's machine who have been sent to jail? Or about a major federal investigation who will send a lot more of his Queens pols to jail?