Monday, September 12, 2011

Christine Quinn Ms. Slush and Intimidation Never Replaced Investigator Position on Slush City Council NY Post Josh Margolin

Mike needs Christine Quinn his puppet how made the deputy Goldsmith investigation dissapear in office to prevent other investigations that could lead to possible indictments...true or false watch my new YouTube on Haggerty Trial that begins today and by the way the NY Post had a series of article on Mike Bloomberg and Christine Quinn slush fund abuse and intimidation to push through a 3rd term with city council denying us a referendum.
Will Mike's use of charity money be exposed in Haggerty Trial?  Will Haggerty get to call Pat Harris Sheekey even Christine Quinn.  Mike needs Quinn to be mayor to protect him from possible indictments?

Name the NY Post reporter who exposed Haggerty and win a free trip on Air Bloomberg to Bermuda!  Joke!

Click the above link to take you to the rumors about Bloomberg using his charity money to buy council members?

On Sept. 11 -- terrorist goal to achieve mass murder, mass destruction and destroy our economy but politicians, Wall Street and others achieved the terrorists goal to destroy our on link below.

Save St. Marks Books, The Bowery and Ban Horse drawn carriages.  Click on the link and read the piece.  It is long but worth the read.
Know that 
every major newspaper published my letters until I became anti-Bloomberg.
None would cover my "Mayor Bloomberg King of New York Is Democracy for Sale?" Poster lampooning him and my YouTube channel was removed for 28 hours before the election, thanks to Norman Seigel and all of you who spoke up for me.