Thursday, September 12, 2013

Christine Quinn Betrayed LGBTQ Community and All New Yorkers

Christine Quinn Betrayed LGBTQ Community and All New Yorkers

She said she wanted Ray Kelly for her commissioner and only changed her stance on stop and frisk when she realized she could possible lose even with all the major NYC media outlets endorsing her ---

under Christine Quinn's reign 3.9 million stop and frisks.

She says she is an LGBTQ activist?  Than explain whey Mark Carson's ambulance was delayed like Ariel Russo's and there is no investigation in to the delay despite my repeated demands and even my testimony.

Mark Carson also had no Trauma Level 1 Hospital 2 blocks away because Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer sold us out to Bill Rudin and Rudin Family Greed.

Christine Quinn pushed through an illegal third term abusing slush money aka tax payer money and Preet Bharara protected her instead of prosecuting her.

Christine Quinn drank her own myth like CQcool-aid and the first reality check was her book did not sell and Quinn being Quinn abused tax payer money to make the NY Public Library buy her book since no else would.

The New York Times, NYDN, and NY Post have no remorse and still haven't learned New Yorkers are sick of the lie and greed destroying this City and crushing our communities.

Christine Quinn made her choices and Mike Bloomberg held no GUN to her head.

Ask Christine Quinn why I was savagely attacked -- sure looks like a hate crime....what you don't see before I started filming is Dr Fagelman's receptionist office manager yelling at me who are you you have no rights.... she provoked me to try and get help from my MD -- who sadly was already in with another patient and Delita Hooks got between me and the door gave me the finger violently and than I decided to film what for me was a hate crime, a violation of my human rights, my patient rights and when I started to film rather than close the door, Delita Hooks begins a violent attack repeatedly violating my body.

The Anti- Violence Project, Medical Professionals all retired NYPD I have spoken with agree that are I was assaulted and yet no arrest.  Delita Hooks also filed a false cross complaint and handed the cops in my opinion forged medical papers re: her injuries so no wonder the corrupt NYPD rushed to seal her false cross complaint a crime as if coercion the crime the NYPD committed forcing me to drop charges or spend a weekend in jail 19 days after Delita Hooks made a hole in my retina and damaged my cervical spine.

  Ask Christine Quinn about this savage attack and no arrest

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This is Christine Quinn's NYC and her police department fixing a violent crime and Internal Affairs suppose to be policing the policing caught by me fixing this violent crime.

Note:  I am straight but not of the main stream world and that is why AVP agreed to help me besides the fact I have been gay bashed and I believe the attack was a hate crime and Det John Vergona's actions and treatment of me also a hate crime.