Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Brooke Shields Supports Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Care West Village

Brooke Shields Supports Christine Quinn No Rape Crisis Center Trauma Level 1 Care West Village

BROOKE’S VIEW: The actress Brooke Shields discusses the state of the TV and film industry in New York, sexual assault in the military and her support of Council Speaker Christine Quinn for mayor: http://bit.ly/1biFr9j

Brooke Shield's who did child porno styled ads to sell jeans for Calvin Klien joins faux feminists that truly are soulless support Christine Quinn and Scott Stringer along with Bloomberg, Amanda The People's Burden, truly an evil city planner commissioner the worst in nyc gov but that because she is a socialite mega millionaire and everyone on city council other than Charles Barron all voting for Rudin luxury condos and not protective zoning for a hospital.  

In my meeting with Christine Quinn on the need for a hospital Quinn said to us zoning makes her head spin.

I brought Norman Siegel and community members.  Norman Siegel asked how are you going to vote tomorrow -- Quinn had to years to decide and she got huge amounts of money for her campaign like I am guessing sell-out Stringer got from Rudin and Quinn lied to us and said I don't know. 

Brook Shields is a over paid celebrity who thinks rudin luxury condos are more important than a Trauma Level 1 Hospital with AIDS care and a Rape crisis center.  Rosie O'Donnell spent millions to buy Rudin luxury condos putting her children and herself at risk because there is no trauma level 1 hospital. 

Brook a poster "girl" for proof wealth and a Princeton degree don't mean you have brains like politicians any actor supporting stringer and Quinn support greed and stupidity.  

I continue to demand an investigation in to Mark Carsin's ambulance hate crime.


Is this an LGBT hate crime cover-up no investigation to protect Quinn because there was no hospital and Quinn like Thompson, Mark Page and City Council pushed thru over-rides on 911 tech when they should not have and instead investigated CityTimd 2 but far worse and still no criminal investigation 911 tech corruption.