Monday, May 20, 2013

Christine Quinn's Very Own LGBT Hate Crime Contributed to Mark Carson's Death

Mark Carson's Tragic Death Exposes Christine Quinn's Very Own LGBT Hate Crime

Christine Quinn lies keep coming including praising the NYPD Hate Crimes Unit who DID nothing to catch Mark Carson's murder but NYPD Police Hero Henry Huot did and my intel tells me who ever was in command did an outstanding job gathering up witnesses and very smart of the officer in command put the witnesses in cars to ID the murder.

Leave it to Christine Quinn to use LGBT spin and lies to plug the Hate Crimes Unit who by the way I have dealt with and give them an F rating.

The true LGBT hate crime by Christine Quinn is that she allowed St. Vincent's to close which was a Trauma Level 1 Hospital 2 blocks from where Mark Carson was murdered that could have saved his life and instead of fighting for protective zoning for a Hospital only she sold her soul and the community out for Rudin Luxury Condos.  Quinn did not demand  Cy Vance investigate the St. Vincent's Crooks to protect Rudin's acquisition and her kick backs aka campaign donations from the Rudin family.

The media will not ask her one tough question on her LGBT Hate Crime, Lies and Spin that are in part why Mark Carson is now dead.  Condolences to all his loved ones.

I asked Christine Quinn for an investigation in to why an ambulance took 1/2 hour for 75 year old man that passed out from the cold as she locked out her own district from testifying....

She refused so I did the investigation and the NYPD foil to find out the ambulance went to the wrong location and now I, not Christine Quinn who is selling LGBT spin and lies is not calling for a new investigation in to how long it took the ambulance to get to Mark Carson and how long it took the ambulance to get to Beth Israel?   She won't because she is being prepped for more spin and lies.

Reminder St. Vincent's Hospital was Trauma Level 1 with AIDS Care and a Rape Crisis Center... and Quinn could have fought for protective zoning for a hospital only and a criminal investigation and did not so we have none of the vital care we need but she pushes even more condos, another school banked by Rudin as a tax deduction and proving she is not an LGBT activist or feminist or advocate for kids.

Christine Quinn is Mike Bloomberg's mini-me and both are fraudsters.  Note Mike Bloomberg is silent and Quinn should never hold a NYC gov job again.  Let her pay her own legal bills.