Friday, March 22, 2013

NYPD Retired Rant Christine Quinn Tactic to Win Democratic Primary NYPD Inspector Quinn Wants a Job She does not have the smarts or temperament

This whole thing might be a Quinn tactic to help her win the Democratic primary, where only the most activist voters cast a ballot.  

Nonetheless, it is obvious that she is willing to wage a scorched earth campaign to get a job that she does NOT have the smarts or the temperment for and will undoubtedly f u c k  up in short order (much like the current occupant of the White House).  

Anyway, if an IG comes to pass, and it is probably 60/40 to pass by my estimation, it will be yet another patronage mill for the NYC Democratic Machine.     Only after a Brian Watkins-like homicide will the DemonRats realize that, as always, they overplayed their hand and squandered the enviable situation that they were given.   And around and around we go......   

Note from Suzannah B. Troy -- Quinn does not have the smarts or the temperament -- we have video of her coming out exits by dumpsters rather than face critics  - she even called 06 but they wouldn't make us go away -- we were and are demanding a new hospital.