Thursday, July 19, 2012

Martina Navratilova Writes Christine Quinn re: Gay Bashing Horse Drawn Carriage Driver Rant

Wow Christine Quinn is going to have a hard time using the gay gay gay pink card to get out of this.

Up until now there are a select group of gay folks that will vote for her no matter what unless she commits murder.

There are gay people that support Rudin Luxury condos instead of a full service trauma level 1 hospital with AIDS care and a rape crisis center.

Ask Chuck Meara and Christine Quinn about Quinn locking out her own district from testifying and not one staff member and she has a huge staff showed up to greet the community because um er gee whiz they want a full service hospital.  Dogs and Cats have a better hospital than humans in Quinn's district and you see where she stands on horses.  
Christine Quinn sold our her own district and there is no hospital!

The New York Time  April 1,  2008 nytimes  Bill Rudin quoted...."  the lack of a world class hospital will not only jeoparidize the west side population but also threaten NY’s competitiveness as a city!”

So when did Rudin sell his soul, the safety of The People out and the City along with Bloomberg and Amanda the People’s Burden.

Hey Martina:  If you bump in to this guy Wayne don't ask him what is last name is.  On NYC gov property in City Hall he refused to tell me... Christine Quinn's special assistant.....why?