Friday, January 6, 2012

Bernie Maddoff Victim Refuses Quinn's Press Invitation Food Stamps

Bloomberg and Quinn are on the same page and she remains a puppet. A Bernie Maddoff victim went to Quinn to get help to stop the requirement that people who need food stamps be finger printed. Quinn did not help her. Quinn's strategist later did call the Madoff victim to invite her to a press conference. The victim said no to Quinn 's invitation due to her lack of sincerity; to late in the game to finally do the right thug opps thing and for Christine Quinn she was only motivated to do so if a press conference was involved. Bloomberg and her continue the good cop bad cop game and Quinn taking a victory lap for saving fire houses was again laughable. Bloomberg and Quinn's support of Bill Rudin's luxury condos instead of zoning protection for a hospital to slamming the door on people asking Quinn to fight to stop the finger printing for food stamps shows disdain for the poor. For Quinn to do the right thing requires campaign strategists and a press conference where her media pals throw her soft balls. Quinn can't handle tough questions and lucky her she is rarely asked them.