Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Christine Quinn Kissy Face Bill Rudin Sell-out The People of NYC

St. Vincent’s closed and the West Village and all activists City Wide + Occupy Wall Street outraged -- we need a hospital and this is a few blocks from this Pizza place but not news -- or rather blacked out by the Editors of the NY Post and “reporters”” like Bill Sanderson.  How do these guys live with themselves?
http://youtu.be/OqN2eU25Fkw   No wonder they have front page covers comparing the Dow to Sex workers underpants.....hmmmm They NY Post refused to cover 2 protests and OWS joined us   Rupert Murdoch’s best friend forever Howard Rubenstein’s clients are the “kind” Rudin famliy who are building luxury condos were St. Vincent’s was.  Bill Rudin and his daughter do not understand why the public do not perceive them as Mother Teresa.  Bill Rudin’s Dad the man who made the fortune would ever have done this.  Christine Quinn who wants to be mayor is Rudin’s sell-out or pick another word.

Google Murdoch Rubenstein Mike Bloomberg Bill Rudin Glenn Hutchins and than look at NYC biz deals -- no wonder they want corrupt sell-out Christine Quinn to be their puppet and she is happy to do it -- she has been sued 4 times for back rent -- now she is playing kissy face with Bill Rudin.