Sunday, November 20, 2011

Rudin Family Quinn Bloomberg Rubenstein = Hospital?

Bloomberg just plopped down small fortune for hospital Israel but zero concern for communities need for hospital where St Vincent's was and the poor Billion Rudin family urgent need to rise on Forbes billionaire list makes there desperate need for luxury condos were St Vincent's was more than predatory but blind myopic meglo-maniacal narcissism.

 Please repeat after me - the Rudin Family Mother Teresa of Real Estate (making others Charlie Manson in comparison). 

Howard Rubenstein called god by those that fear him is accused of a Jewish stereotype and I am a Jew - he is accused of controlling the media - including having news reports critical of his clients, friends and political choices silenced.

 Ask his client Rupert Murdoch not Jewish about this kind of action. City for Sale - scathing book on Koch's 3rd term look pale -- even Disney compared to Bloomberg and gang -- CityTime, ECTP, NYCAPS, countless board of Ed tech deals, DOInvestigation and Conflict of Interest laughing stock as largest amount tax payer money nyc gov history stolen and abused. For anti- Semites Rudy roots and his boys lobbyists all are not Jewish. 

 My point Rudin a supposed Civic leader quoted NYTimes (another Howard R client ) said we need a world class hospital in West Village April 1 2008. My question is Bill what r u doing to deliver a world class hospital? You and NYU own so much real estate and are loathed by the community -- got any ideas why? Can't u Mine Howard come up with an idea to get a hospital. Be good for your billion u want to make off the newest real estate grab on St Vinny's grave - even better millions of People want and need a hospital -- the entire West side from 57 street to the battery and u ha e the resources - a lot more than we do don't you? People are disgusted when Rudin puppets say rudin doesn't owe us a hospital. Real folks say look where he is building the Rudin family is building St Vincent’s.

 Some r urging me to look at acquisition and lobbyists staff associated with St Vinny's and Rudin.


Any bread crumbs thrown to community by Rudin who has donated big to Quinn’s mayoral run will be touted as Christine Quinn's victory. Sell-out bought by Rudin protected by Rubenstein to oversee their agendas as mayor Christine Quinn Mime's mini-me.

Mitchell Moss the manure shoveling prof from NYU on NYU and Rudin’s payroll will sell any load of manure for his bosses....laughing stock but Rubenstein’s clients -- media moguls in league to protect their their and pals investment go to Moss for quotes as well also laugh -- Mitchell Moss shoves manure for his bosses the real estate magnates destroying the Village NYU and Rudin!

We need hospital and medical are all over NYC but were hospitals are closing how many have The Rudin family selling high priced condos in their place in a densely populated area where growth is pushed on old NY’s infrastructure.

9-11 St. Vinny’s open.  Now Rudin Family, the kind Rudin’s luxury condos to be.