Monday, October 17, 2011

Dennis Vacco and Raymond Costello Could Have Taken-Out The Bloomberg Administration and Corrupt Christine Quinn

If we had a real justice system Mike Bloomberg would now be resigning in preparation for going to jail.  The only thing better is if Vacco and Costello called Christine Quinn and asked her if she abused slush money aka tax payer money to push through an illegal third term denying voters a referendum and for a back room deal she made with another big fat liar Mike Bloomberg. It would get even better if Vacco Costello recalled the entire lot and than Steve Rattner and Fiona Reid to discuss pushing through a 3rd term, Quadrangle, why Steve pleaded th 5th 62 times, why Mike Bloomberg stood by and still employs rattner.  Why Team Bloomberg is suffering memory loss.  Vacco Costello could have take down the bloomberg administration, corrupt mini-me Christine Quinn like our Founding Father’s sent King George packing.