Monday, June 6, 2011

Christine Quinn and why her LGBT record is not what it appears to be.

New York voters, open your eyes !

Speaker Christine Quinn shows up to gay rights events, like the one that took place on this evening, but what laws has she ever introduced to establish marriage equality in New York City ?

In San Francisco, Mayor Gavin Newson helped to reshape marriage equality for the United States by allowing same-sex couples to receive marriage licenses.

What comparable action has Speaker Quinn taken ? Instead of introducing a law to legalise gay marriage in New York City, Speaker Quinn wants New Yorkers go get married elsewhere.

In 2010, Speaker Quinn rejected paid sick leave, hurting low income New Yorkers :

Also in 2010, Speaker Quinn abandoned any care for public health for the entire Lower West Side of Manhattan after she did nothing to save St. Vincent's Hospital :

In 2008, Speaker Quinn made a shady deal with Mayor Bloomberg to overturn term limits :

Moreover, in 2008, The NYTimes reported that a shocking slush fund scandal : Speaker Quinn oversaw the allocation of discretionary funds to fake groups : ''... her office had continued a seven-year-old practice of squirreling away money so it could be handed out away from the public eye.''

Then, last month, The NYTimes exposed the fact that Speaker Quinn continues her practise of using controversial City Council discretionary funds.